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Jan 13

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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CES By The Numbers

The following numbers were compiled during Stage Two’s journey to CES this year.

Number of Clients Named Finalists for iLounge’s Best of Show CES 2011: 1

Broadcast Interviews Held: 7

Number of Clubs We Talked Our Way In: 6

Number of S2 Clients Named Mashable Awards Finalists: 1

Number of Articles Published Mentioning S2 Clients: 199 (and counting)

Number of Stage Two Clients Featured in this Wall Street Journal Article: 2

Alcoholic Beverages Consumed: 94

Times Clients Appeared Live on G4 TV: 1

Press Briefings Conducted: 343

International Articles Posted: 7

USA Today Video Interviews Delivered: 2

Number of Cigars Smoked: 4

Number of Tweets Sent: 296

Total Hours of Media Training Provided To Clients: 53

Client Mentions in Rolling Stone: 1

Impressions Delivered: Millions

Number of Miles Walked: 129

Times We Ate Reese’s instead of Dinner: 3

Number of Colds Caught: 1.5

Ars Technica Articles Published: 1

Number of Business Cards Collected: 384

Number of Filets ordered: 1

Jan 07

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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Wall Street Journal Covers Orbotix, Pogoplug at CES

Special shout outs to two Stage Two clients – Orbotix and Pogoplug – who feature prominently in a new Wall Street Journal article from CES.  Lizette Chapman writes a strong piece that focuses on tech start ups showcasing their products at the Las Vegas trade show. Quoting at length from the article:

[Orbotix] like so many of the 3,000 others exhibiting here, is launching – at no small expense to his company or his investors.

“This is the show. Everyone’s here,” said Paul Berberian, CEO of Orbotix Inc., a Boulder, Colo.-based company that makes a robotic orb that you control with your iPhone.


Not too far away, Cloud Engines Inc. CEO Daniel Putterman also had chosen CES to launch his company’s new product. Founded in 2007 and employing 40, the San Francisco-based company is exhibiting its personal cloud device, Pogoplug, at Sony’s booth and at ShowStoppers, a press and analyst schmoozefest.

“We could have spent millions of dollars to have a booth here, depending on size and location,” he said, barely audible amid the noise emanating from the blogger’s lounge in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall. Putterman said his company, which raised a $15 million Series B round from the Foundry Group, Softbank Capital and Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners in December, will ultimately spend in the tens of thousands.

“We’re a small company, so when we spend money on marketing and education, we want to make sure it’s worth it.”

Congrats to Orbotix and Pogoplug for rising above the noise at CES this year!

Dec 17

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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Nominate The S2 Family For The Crunchies!

We are thrilled to work with some of the most exciting companies in the consumer electronics space. Their innovation and passion inspires us to deliver incredible results on a daily basis. Please help us nominate some amazing technologies for the Crunchie Awards. It’s fast, free and only takes two clicks. Just click on the links below and you’re done!

VUDU: Best Technology Achievement, Best Design, Best Time Sink Application

Pogoplug: Best New Device, Best Overall Startup Or Product Of 2010

Redux: Best Time Sink Application

Clicker: Best Internet Application

Superfish: Best Social Commerce App, Best Enterprise

Worldmate: Best Mobile Application

NudgeMail: Best Bootstrapped Startup (For the record, Nudge has raised exactly $0. We’ve all been skipping meals to help finance our favorite email based reminder system. Share some Crunchie love here, people, the intern looks sickly.)

Tynt: Best Enterprise

Thank you for supporting the S2 family!

Mar 16

Posted by TeamS2

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Pogoplug Launches Game Console Media Streaming and Offsite Backup

At Showstoppers, during this year’s CES, Pogoplug announced that soon users could stream all their digital media to their televisions through their Xbox 360 or PS3 using the Pogoplug system. Today this feature, along with enhanced data backup, goes live.

Starting today, your Xbox 360 or PS3 automatically sees Pogoplug connected drives you’ve chosen for this feature and the contents of other shared Pogoplugs. This means you can not only stream your videos from your hard drive on to your television, but you can also stream home videos of family and friends in the same way, no matter where the videos are in the world–provided they have given you access to the drive. Music and photos stream equally well.

Active Copy, the Pogoplug backup feature, is also being enhanced today. Active Copy enables users to backup folders on their computer to a Pogoplug connected drive. Whenever new files are added, or changes are made to an existing file within the Active Copy enabled folder, these files are automatically copied to a chosen destination folder. With today’s enhancements, users can also use Active Copy to automatically backup key files from one Pogoplug to another off-site Pogoplug, for additional safety and redundancy.

Both features came from user requests and both update to all Pogoplugs (first and second generation) worldwide through an automatic firmware upgrade today.

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