Stage Two brings over 20 years of experience in early stage technology and entertainment brand marketing. We act as your lead strategist and creative advisor, activating our network of design, retail, and manufacturing experts to work for your team including...

Brand and product strategy

Brand and product strategy Teamwork makes the dream work. Developing a unique brand message, defensible market position, and an innovative go-to-market plan for new, never before experienced products or features is a group effort. Together we’ll develop a strategic vision and execute.

Copywriting and content strategy

Copywriting and content strategy Explore, define, create, test, repeat. With some clarity around your brand and product messaging, we’ll build frameworks for branded copy and content that highlight creativity, originality, and strengths.

Brand events and experiences

Brand events and experiences Ready to move beyond the digital domain? Let’s create face to face storytelling and experiential campaigns ideal for telling your brand story, activating new products, and connecting with target audience, influencers, and media outlets.

Content and asset production

Content and asset production Is it clickable? We get to the core of your brand so that it can be clearly positioned and creatively expressed. We’ll concept, write, produce, and place original brand assets as far and as wide as your budget will allow.

Media and analyst relations

Media and investor relations Who needs to know what...and when? We’ll align on the communications goals for media, industry, and investors so that every opportunity to tell your story is clearly presented and understood.

Customer insights

Customer insights Qualitative interviews, workshops, and surveys are worth the time and effort. We’ll bring the voice of the user to the product development process, test and iterate on product positioning, and pressure check with stakeholders along the way.

Client Portfolio

Sphero, META, Matchstick, Yard Arm, People People, Simple.TV, Swivl, Plair, Ziphius, Printoo, Sonos, Sifteo, Dropcam, VUDU, Monster Cable, EA, Drobo, D-Link, Sling, Boxee, ArcSoft

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