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Jul 07

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Waze Helps Drivers Band Together To Fight Carmageddon

If you have ever lived in or even visited smoggy Los Angeles, you know how terrible the unpredictable 405 freeway can be.  The intersection of the 405 and the 10 has been called the worst traffic jam in North America – and with good reason. Driving there is awful. And as if this six lane parking lot couldn’t get any worse, they are actually shutting down the entire freaking freeway. For a whole weekend. Welcome to Carmageddon.

Never fear, though. Stage Two client Waze has a solution, and a website – beatcarmageddon.com Waze is a community of drivers banding together with a single purpose: eliminating traffic. The traffic and navigation application uses real time data from drivers on the road to help people fight, avoid and extinguish traffic. The company recently announced a partnership with ABC News in Los Angeles to help local drivers fight the impending Auto-pocalypse. That is the kind of innovation we can all applaud.

When the 405 shuts down later this month, traffic in Los Angeles will be a nightmare. With Waze, Angelinos can have a fighting chance of getting through it together.

Waze recently doubled the number of drivers using the app and has been written up in a number of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Other press picking up the Waze news include:

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