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Dec 10

Posted by Mike V Chu

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Online, Off-cloud and Private: Transporter is the “It” Thing in Storage

Just on Thursday, the Stage Two team brought you news about our client, Transporter, officially launching their Kickstarter campaign. Well, four days and over 300 backers later, Transporter is already more than halfway to its campaign goal of $100k!

courtesy of Engadget

As we mentioned in the last post, we also attended GDGT at the Metreon in San Francisco that same evening. Along with the Transporter team, we met a lot of great people. It was great to let so many folks get their hands on Transporter and get their direct feedback. It was such a success to see people come away genuinely impressed with a device that keeps your data synced online, while keeping it safe and private. It looks like people are ready for a hard drive that keeps your data online, off-cloud and private.

We’re proud of the hard work the Transporter team has put in and results have followed. Their new product has already been featured in Engadget, SlashGear, Mashable and many others.

With 31 days to go and the funding goal within reach, we’re excited and downright giddy for the Transporter. Well done guys; we’ll see you at $100k and beyond!

Engadget –

Engadget (Insert Coin) –

SlashGear –

Mashable –

Mashable (via Yahoo) –

Dec 06

Posted by Mike V Chu

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Transporter is Set to Reshape the Storage Space

Can you believe it’s already December?! The Stage Two team has been hunkered down with all kinds of terrific, upcoming announcements this month, and it starts today.

Today, our client Transporter officially launched their Kickstarter campaign! Here is their live campaign page

Transporter is an online, off-cloud social storage solution to privately share, access and protect all of you valuable files. For example, if I work on this very blog post in a Word document, I can save the document on my Transporter, and then share it with the rest of the Stage Two team onto their Transporters.

Also, Transporter is completely off the cloud, so it’s totally private without requiring the user to agree to any sort of Terms and Conditions. You don’t have to hand over the rights to YOUR own content. On top that, it has a larger capacity than other cloud storage solutions, and there are no, ZERO recurring fees.

And lastly, representatives from Transporter will be at GDGT tonight at the Metreon in San Francisco! Please help us fund Transporter and check out the pledge that’s right for you!

Nov 01

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Red Karaoke upgrades iPhone, iPad and Android devices into a portable karaoke machine!

Singers of the world unite! Today, our client, Red Karaoke, launched their awesome new mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, further cementing them as the international, online, karaoke kings that they are. The app turns your device into a karaoke machine with a library of over 45,000 songs. Queued music and scrolling lyrics show you what’s next while the camera allows you to easily record and share your karaoke performances. It’s pretty sweet!

Miguel walks us through Red Karaoke

Last week, we had some special guests over to the (still) new office for a sneak preview of the app with Red Karaoke’s CEO and founder, Miguel A. Diez Ferreira.

Red Karaoke's new Home Page

Fact- The word “karaoke” or “empty orchestra” comes from the Japanese word for “empty” (kara) plus the first part of the word “orchestra.” But, hooked up to the stereo via HDMI or even mirrored via AppleTV, the Red Karaoke app makes it seem like the orchestra is anything but empty.

Most everyone took a turn at singing their favorite karaoke classics including “Hotel California”, “Piano Man,” and more… Of course, the whole gang chimed in on “Piano Man.” La-di-da-di-di-da…

So if you like karaoke, go try out Red Karaoke for yourself. You won’t regret it!

The announcement was made via PR Web and the Red Karaoke Blog.

Hot off the presses-
The Next Web

Apr 21

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The Top Ten Creepy Stalker Songs To Put In Your Creepy Stalker iOS Device

Yesterday the news broke that Apple iOS devices have been secretly tracking and storing their movements for over a year. Privacy advocates, tech pundits and even politicians got involved almost immediately. We thought we would get in on the media maelstrom and offer a slightly different take on these revelations.

Here, then, are our top ten creepy stalker songs to play on your creepy stalker iOS device.

10. Every Breath You Take – The Police

9. I Will Posses Your Heart – Death Cab For Cutie

8. #1 Crush – Garbage

7. I Love You . . . I’ll Kill You – Enigma

6. You Belong To Me – Carly Simon

5. My Best Friend’s Girl – The Cars

4. Protect Ya Neck – Wu-Tang Clan

3. I Will Follow – U2

2. Sunglasses at Night – Corey Hart

1. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

Mar 11

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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Grouped{in} Launches Group Messaging App – Brings Tacos To SXSW

Are you interested in keeping up with the latest news and happenings from SXSW? Do you love delicious tacos, Rube Goldberg machines and dunk tanks? Then read on, friends.

Stage Two client Grouped{in} is bringing their recently launched mobile group messaging app to SXSW in Austin, Texas, along with a boatload of fun events and activities. There will be live updates from KXAN weather man Jim Spencer, an outdoor activity group with RunTex- did we mention that there will be tacos? There will be tacos.

Grouped{in} is the only group messaging app that allows you to simply communicate across multiple channels – including Facebook, email, phone, SMS and Twitter.

A full itinerary is available here. If you want to meet up with the Grouped{in} gang in Austin (or anytime, really) email

Mar 11

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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Sphero Heads To SXSW – Named Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator Award Finalist

Sphero is heading to SXSW in Austin this week and is a Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator Award finalist.

There’s a lot going on here, so please pay attention.

Mashable House Geek Games

Sphero will be at the Mashable House Geek Games with a brand new game developed specifically for Southby. Come out and experience Pepsi MAX Sphero Bowling at the Geek Games on Monday.

Plutopia: The Future of Play

Sphero will also be at Plutopia: The Future of Play from 6:30 till Midnight on Monday the 14th. This “sense event” features emerging technologies such as augmented reality, robotics and more.

Below is Sphero’s full schedule for SXSW. If you’d like to set up a time to meet in Austin, just reach out to

Sunday March 13th

10am – 5pm Find us in and around Austin!

6pm – 11pm Techcocktail

Monday March 14th

2pm – 5pm Mashable House Geek Games

5pm Accelerator Award Presentation Round 1

6:30pm – Midnight Plutopia: The Future of Play

Tuesday March 15th

10am – Noon Find us in and around Austin!

Mar 02

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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Apple Announces iPad 2

White iPad 2

Apple's iPad 2

Engadget had a great live blog from Apple’s media event this morning, where Steve Jobs and others introduced the iPad 2. As expected, the iPad 2 has a slimmer form factor and more processing power than the original tablet from Apple. It also has front and rear facing cameras and a gyroscope. The iPad 2, which comes in both white and black, will ship March 11th along with iOS 4.3, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Other features touted during today’s announcement include a 10 hour battery life and updated Garage Band and iMovie Apps.

Jobs took this opportunity to highlight Apple’s first mover advantage in the tablet space. He remarked, “many have said this is the most successful consumer product ever launched. Over 90% market share . . . our competitors were flummoxed.” In fact, the iPad has sold more units than every other tablet PC ever sold.

But jobs went further to differentiate Apple from other consumer electronics manufacturers. First, he defined the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad as post-PC devices. He then stressed Apple’s commitment to delivering technology to the arts and humanities.

“It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology is not enough. It’s tech married with the liberal arts and the humanities. Nowhere is that more true than in the post-PC products. Our competitors are looking at this like it’s the next PC market. That is not the right approach to this. These are post-PC devices that need to be easier to use than a PC, more intuitive (emphasis added).

Apple has dominated the tablet space in past year. As we blogged earlier, other companies need to innovate – rather than imitate – if they want to compete with the iPad 2.

Jan 13

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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CES By The Numbers

The following numbers were compiled during Stage Two’s journey to CES this year.

Number of Clients Named Finalists for iLounge’s Best of Show CES 2011: 1

Broadcast Interviews Held: 7

Number of Clubs We Talked Our Way In: 6

Number of S2 Clients Named Mashable Awards Finalists: 1

Number of Articles Published Mentioning S2 Clients: 199 (and counting)

Number of Stage Two Clients Featured in this Wall Street Journal Article: 2

Alcoholic Beverages Consumed: 94

Times Clients Appeared Live on G4 TV: 1

Press Briefings Conducted: 343

International Articles Posted: 7

USA Today Video Interviews Delivered: 2

Number of Cigars Smoked: 4

Number of Tweets Sent: 296

Total Hours of Media Training Provided To Clients: 53

Client Mentions in Rolling Stone: 1

Impressions Delivered: Millions

Number of Miles Walked: 129

Times We Ate Reese’s instead of Dinner: 3

Number of Colds Caught: 1.5

Ars Technica Articles Published: 1

Number of Business Cards Collected: 384

Number of Filets ordered: 1

Jan 07

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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Wall Street Journal Covers Orbotix, Pogoplug at CES

Special shout outs to two Stage Two clients – Orbotix and Pogoplug – who feature prominently in a new Wall Street Journal article from CES.  Lizette Chapman writes a strong piece that focuses on tech start ups showcasing their products at the Las Vegas trade show. Quoting at length from the article:

[Orbotix] like so many of the 3,000 others exhibiting here, is launching – at no small expense to his company or his investors.

“This is the show. Everyone’s here,” said Paul Berberian, CEO of Orbotix Inc., a Boulder, Colo.-based company that makes a robotic orb that you control with your iPhone.


Not too far away, Cloud Engines Inc. CEO Daniel Putterman also had chosen CES to launch his company’s new product. Founded in 2007 and employing 40, the San Francisco-based company is exhibiting its personal cloud device, Pogoplug, at Sony’s booth and at ShowStoppers, a press and analyst schmoozefest.

“We could have spent millions of dollars to have a booth here, depending on size and location,” he said, barely audible amid the noise emanating from the blogger’s lounge in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall. Putterman said his company, which raised a $15 million Series B round from the Foundry Group, Softbank Capital and Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners in December, will ultimately spend in the tens of thousands.

“We’re a small company, so when we spend money on marketing and education, we want to make sure it’s worth it.”

Congrats to Orbotix and Pogoplug for rising above the noise at CES this year!

Nov 02

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Stage Two’s Marie Domingo Attends Spuler Media Ethics Symposium

Recently, Stage Two’s Vice President of Public Relations Marie Domingo spoke on a panel at the 3rd Annual Spuler Media Ethics Symposium. The event, held at San Jose State University, covered Social Media and PR Ethics and also included Q and A from audience members. Other panel speakers included Jonathan Hirshon, Shel Holtz and Ellen Leanse.

PR and Journalism students mainly attended the function where industry veterans discussed honesty, transparency and social media ethics. The panel spoke candidly about their careers in PR and brought up some of the more difficult decisions they have had to make in the past.

Marie Domingo Knows Media Ethics

Marie Domingo stressed the need for honesty and transparency in all interactions for PR professionals.

“Sometimes clients will ask you to do things that you may not agree with,” she said after the panel discussion. “Trust your instincts. Ask for guidance if you feel conflicted. As you work your way up the ladder there will be critical decisions at times.”

Domingo also highlighted personal integrity: “Ethics is a personal thing. When it comes to PR, it is what separates you from the others in the pack. Having integrity is good for business and your own career. It is how you build your reputation. Be honest about who your clients are and who you are. Online and off.”

One of the thornier questions that came up was if the ends ever justified the means. Domingo mentioned Greenpeace and PETA as examples of companies who wanted to do good but sometimes engaged in questionable acts to achieve noble goals.

She also spoke to building a personal and corporate reputation through a solid work ethic and top tier client list.

“There will always be bad apples in this industry,” Domingo said. “There will be bad companies and unethical PR firms. The key to building a reputation for excellence in tech PR is to only work with the best and the brightest. It’s a cliche, but good companies shouldn’t work with shady Media Relations Outfits and good PR agencies should strive to work with reputable clients. It makes a difference. Word will get out if you lay down with spammy folks.”

When Social Media came up, she was quick to point out the need for honesty online. “There is sometimes a tendency to game the system. Especially on the internet when people can comment and post links anonymously. Stating what your interests are when posting is key. The internet is smart. You can’t trick it. Keeping your conduct above reproach is more effective in the long run, anyway.”

Stage Two is committed to ethical Public Relations and Social Media Outreach. We are pleased to have Marie leading all of our PR efforts in an honest and transparent manner.

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