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Dec 03

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Client News: Clicker on Boxee

Clicker_logoWe have some excellent news to share from two friends of Stage Two Consulting, and Boxee. Clicker today has launched their new Boxee app. This app, as you might expect, lets you search for and watch great Internet television content on your actual TV.  Boxee is the 10 foot experience for Clicker.

boxee-logoThe Clicker blog post has all the details. Next week, Clicker CEO and founder Jim Lanzone will be joining the Boxee guys at their Beta launch in Brooklyn, New York to get up on stage and talk about the new app.  If  you’re gonna be in the neighborhood, you should RSVP and check out the news (and the free food.)

Boxee and Clicker are both exciting products – both are consumer-facing, sexy, and offer compelling TV-related technology.  The news pickup has been pretty good.  We’ll update the coverage below as it comes in.


Dec 01

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Redux Launches, Bringing Our Addiction to the Masses

Redux Logo White

Today is the big day. Our favorite real-time online media streaming, Twitter and Facebook feed importing, work day killing,  source for addictive entertainment the web – Redux is announcing that their ground-breaking friend-sourced online media service,, is moving out of closed private Beta, dropping the velvet rope, and opening the Redux addiction to the masses. We couldn’t be more thrilled, as the Redux team has a great service on their hands that has generated a ton of cool buzz and built an incredibly strong community. Also, we couldn’t be more terrified for the world’s economy now that Redux has been unleashed.

Head over to the Redux blog to check out this great blog post, “The Redux Manifesto”, written by Redux Founder and CEO David McInstosh:

With this public launch, the entire world now has access to:

  • Friend-Sourced online media fed in a real-time stream to each user only by their friends and those who share their interests – constantly fresh, completely personalized.
  • Innovative Redux TV Mode that allows users to watch their personal Redux stream like a television, passively entertained by great online media fed to them by their friends
  • Twitter and Facebook feed importing, bringing users’ online lives together and weeding out the boring status updates and blind links to serve up only the best online entertainment from their favorite social networks
  • Highly interactive and engaging real-time, media-centered conversation unlike any other service on the web.

Check out some of the coverage from the announcement below (updated as it comes in):

Nov 30

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Client News: Ardica Wants You To Vote For Your Favorite Design & Win!

Ardica's People's Choice AwardIn June, Ardica announced its global “Power To The People” contest designed to have creative designers from around the world come up with a brilliant new application using their miniaturized, portable power system called the Moshi Power Pack. From over 120 entries, the judges narrowed it down to eight finalists that will present to the judges at the Ardica offices on Saturday, December 5.

Judges from technology websites Gizmodo and Wired, IDEO, Mountain Hardwear and Stanford will examine each entry carefully and ultimately award the winners cash prizes for their innovative ideas for integrating the Moshi power pack into their design. But what exactly is a Moshi? It’s a battery pack that is both lightweight and unobtrusive and can charge most electronic devices quite frequently. The Moshi power pack can even be used as a heater so when you’re in a cold environment, it’ll keep you snug and warm.

As part of the Ardica design contest, they have also decided to award one of the eight finalists the “People’s Choice Award” whereby that winner will receive an extra cash prize of $1,000. In order to be the winner of this prize, Ardica is asking for people to cast their votes by clicking here, looking at each of the eight finalists and casting their vote. As an added incentive, three random voters will be given a Moshi power pack!

Voting goes now through noon on December 4. To cast your vote, simply click here.

Nov 24

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Client News: VUDU brings Wikipedia into HD movie streaming

VUDU today unveils yet another great new feature to their interface, the integration of Wikipedia into VUDU.  When you land on a movie page, you can view all the information Wikipedia has to offer about that film – links to actors, directors (and anything else) are all active, so you can explore to your geeky content.  And film links actually can take you back into VUDU!

Their blog post says it all, so we won’t repeat it here.  But this is yet another reason why their implementation of a “streaming user interface” is so darn smart.  They can update VUDU with great new features like Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes, theatrical trailers and more, quickly and easily.  It doesn’t require a user download or a firmware upgrade – it’s very much like updating a web page.

A number of outlets have covered the news.  The list of coverage is below.

Nov 19

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Client News: BOKU announcing 12 major partnerships at once

PrintBOKU has a big announcement today, which includes 12 major partnerships with some of the biggest names in free-to-play and social / casual gaming.  BOKU offers a direct mobile payments system for virtual goods.  Want some digital alfalfa for your virtual horses in Barn Buddy on Facebook?  BOKU lets you pay for it with your mobile phone.

The new partnerships account for more than 200 million (yup, million) new customers with access to BOKU to pay by mobile for their virtual goods.  BOKU is a global outfit with offices in the US, South America, the UK and Singapore. Their release went out on the wire at 9AM PST today – the full list of new partnerships are available there.

BOKU also announced the 3rd generation of their user experience today, which includes some great features to simplify and streamline customer checkout – the ability to instantly differentiate between a landline and mobile number is one example.  Innovations like this make life simpler for the end consumer, and nncrease conversion for their customers, and making life better and more profitable is what being in business is all about – well done BOKU!

Several outlets picked up the news this morning, the list of publications covering the news is below.  We’ll update the list as we see articles appear.


Nov 05

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Client News: worlds collide as Blake Krikorian joins board of

Clicker_logoWe had a great announcement this morning from one of our newest clients,  Blake Krikorian, the founder and former CEO of Sling Media (makers of the Slingbox) has agreed to join the board of directors at Clicker.  He’s also investing in the company personally. This has special significance to me as Blake was my old boss back in the day.

Blake KrikorianBlake joins CEO/founder Jim Lanzone (former CEO of on the board, along with Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital and Geoff Yang of Redpoint Ventures.  Clicker’s mission is to be the ultimate programming guide for television on the Internet, and they have the team to do it.  Of all the thing’s Blake could have done since leaving Sling (and that’s more or less whatever he wanted) he’s decided to make Clicker his first move.  That’s a heck of a vote of confidence – not to mention some personal financial investment.

I’ve known Blake since my Mediabolic days when he first saw me demo the “Digital Library” from Pioneer back in 2003. He then hired me as the first employee at Sling Media, where I worked my proverbial tail off to help bring his vision (the Slingbox) to the market.  Sling was a huge success, both by making great products and by the eventual acquisition by Echostar in 2007.  Now with Blake joining the Clicker team, he is yet in the position where he controls my fate (albeit to a slightly lesser extent than in the past).

The press release went out on the wire this morning.  Some of the coverage we’ve gotten is listed below – we’ll update the list as other coverage comes in.

Nov 02

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Helping BOKU Stand Out At The Virtual Goods Summit.

BOKU at Virtual Goods SummitLast Friday, Stage Two helped our client, BOKU reach out to its fellow industry professionals through some creative guerrilla marketing during the Virtual Goods Summit in San Francisco at the Westin Hotel. The conference was quite fitting for BOKU since it is focused on being a mobile online payment system designed to make it easy for people to “pay for digital goods and social experiences” across the Internet.

The issue that BOKU had was that it needed to draw some attention to its product even though it was a sponsor but didn’t have a booth on site. Stage Two was tasked with coming up with a quick solution that was easy to implement and could generate some positive publicity. After mulling through several options internally, including the possibility of holding a contest, conducting live interviews or utilizing Twitter, our team decided that the best way was to keep it a little simpler.

At the Virtual Goods Summit, each attendee was given a pin to wear and the ones that wore them the most creatively & were spotted by the BOKU team were awarded one of two prizes. Some received a working remote-controlled helicopter with the BOKU logo while others were given embroidered BOKU track jackets. The Stage Two team rolled into action by photographing and video recording the recipients playing with the “BOKU-copter” – which was also posted on the BOKU blog for additional promotion.

You can view some of the photos taken from the Virtual Goods Summit on the BOKU blog or their Flickr page. Additionally, videos are also on their official YouTube channel as well.

Oct 08

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Client News: Redux Gets Even More Addictive – Twitter and Facebook Feed Importing Live!

Redux Logo White

Stage Two’s productivity is in serious jeopardy here, as one of our favorite office addictions – Redux – announced today that they have enabled Facebook and Twitter feed importing, weeding through the boring status updates and links and bringing those feeds to life right in Redux. Redux has always been a great resource for finding the best stuff on the web, whether it is great Arrested Development clips (“Her?”), One Hit Wonder music videos, funny cat pics, or links to great new sites.

Now, with Twitter and Facebook importing, Redux has become a real-time, one-stop-shop for all the entertainment shared by our friends from all over the web. These feeds are a big leap forward for Redux and a huge leap backwards for the working world.

Check out some of the coverage from the announcement (updated as it comes in):

Sep 22

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Client News: 12mail is sending video messages all over the world

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 10.12.20 AMToday launched an exciting new iPhone app, the 12mail Video Messenger.   This app lets you send short video messages to friends from your iPhone, and it uses push notifications to alert friends that they’ve received a new video.  There’s a couple things about this app that we think makes it special:

- 12mail video messaging is a new type of communication – basically you can send short video messages back and forth to your friends.  It’s sort of in-between voicemail, email, Twitter, Youtube, MMS and Facebook, amalgamating a bunch of different types of communication into a new medium

- It runs on the iPhone, a device which has become a class unto itself in terms of mobile computing

- 12mail leverages your personal networks on Facebook and Twitter for your contact list – you can send private video messages to Twitter contacts (they show up as DM’s) and public video messages to specific friends (which show up as wall posts)

This app launch was what inspired last months post about promoting iPhone app launches, and the idea of using a “floating embargo.”  At 4AM this morning I received word that the app was live in the app store, and sent a message to all the press and bloggers who were interested in the news to give them the “all clear.” Not my optimal sleep schedule, but if the press are willing to work with us then we need to be willing to update them accurately and tell them in real time when the embargo lifts.

In the course of outreach, nearly everyone I spoke with was very understanding about the floating deadline, and very willing to work with us.  Maybe the frustrating and arbitrary policies Apple has instituted have an unexpected bonding effect, bringing people together in the face of this particular adversity.

In any case, coverage has been relatively strong this morning.  The normal fixed embargo generally results in a big rush of coverage all coming at once.  I think today will be different, and we will see coverage occur on a more random schedule, as people are able to fit it into their day.  We will update the list as we see things come in.

Sep 17

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Client News: Twones Launches in private Beta

Twones Logo 2Twones, one of the coolest music services on the web, launched their private Beta today, capping off a year of hard work by their founders Tim Heineke and Diederik Martens and the Twones Amersdam-based team.

What started as a simple concept, allowing music lovers to track the music they play around the web or on their computers and tie it all back to one spot, has grown into a site that we think will become the go-to spot for music lovers to connect to all of the hottest music on the web.

The idea of media “ownership” is a thing of the past. Music is all over the web, spinning and being shared constantly by people just like you. Whether you spin, imeem, HypeM, MySpace, or any of the many music services out there to discover new artists and tracks, you are consuming more music in a day than you can possibly remember. Twones solves that problem with a simple browser add-on that tracks your music and stores it in your Twones library.

Once you hit “play”, Twones gives you all of the information you could hope to find about an artist: Wikipedia bios, similar artists, Flickr pictures, YouTube videos, Twitter buzz – even upcoming concert dates!

Below are some of the blog posts and coverage from the launch.  We’ll update the list throughout the day.

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