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Dec 18

Posted by J-Ro

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The People People Transparent Speaker offers a clear(er) choice for music and design lovers everywhere

Last week we were pleased to help bring a great new product to the Kickstarter community. The Transparent Speaker by Stockholm, Sweden based design firm, People People.

We met People People at CES 2012 almost a year ago. Like everyone else, we had seen the design all over the web a couple of weeks before, but there it was, live and in the flesh. It was freaking gorgeous!

Talking to Per Brickstad of People People, we totally got their take on consumer electronics- “Home audio components are not all that atttractive, don’t always sound that great, and are pretty much disposable.” We have to agree.

The Transparent Speaker is designed to fit in perfectly with any decoration by presenting the drivers in a simple, iconic manner that looks great, sounds great, and allows for wireless connectivity.

The simple, iconic design seems to have found a fan in Pop Music too! A couple of weeks ago, the speaker made an appearance in the new and Britney Spears video for “Scream and Shout”. Pretty awesome placement if you ask us.

We look forward to bringing our Swedish friends to CES again next month and letting people get their hands and ears on the Transparent Speaker. For now, jump on over to Kickstarter and pledge to be among the first to get the Transparent Speaker when it becomes available!

Engadget – “…a potent sound-pusher, but also as a highlight of industrial design.”

Wired – “…perfect for someone who wants to add some boom to their room without clunky cubes dissing their design aesthetic.”

Cool Material – “…it just looks freakin’ sweet.”

psfk – “…effortlessly blends into any environment instead of sticking out against the decor.”

VentureBeat – “…beautifully designed and sounds great, but it’s also built to last more or less forever.”

Dec 11

Posted by MCazem

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Swivl Unveils a New Design for Telepresence, Teleconferencing, and DSLR

Hope you’re set to bring in the holiday spirit and cheer because we certainly are! Holidays are about family and a lot of us will have to travel in the coming weeks to see our loved ones. But sometimes, travel is impossible or difficult, so families are turning to teleconferencing and telepresence. People are staying in touch using Skype and FaceTime on their iPads or Android Tablets more and more these days. Here at Stage Two, we’ve been working on launching something exciting and innovative that makes staying in touch even better. We are pleased to finally announce the newly designed Swivl!

Swivl officially launched their Kickstarter campaign today, and you can check out their live campaign page, HERE.

As the first motion platform on the market, and one of the very first to crowdfund a product with technical complexity successfully, we launched the first commercial version of Swivl in Spring of 2012. Fast-forward to today, the newest Swivl will soon be ready to bring new functionality to homes, schools, and businesses.

The new Swivl is a multi-purpose motion and tracking platform for mobile imaging, teleconferencing and more. Sporting an all new form factor and design, the new Swivl works with new and old iPads, iPhones, DSLRs and Android devices. It packs a smooth, highly adjustable pan and tilt motion system into one sleek form and automatically follows you for self-captured video. It can make your iPad your remote control for your DSLR, or it enables engaging telepresence controls with another mobile equipped Swivl.

Support the new Swivl by visiting their Kickstarter page, and check out the pledge that’s right for you. If you have an iPad, Android Tablet, or DSLR, you gotta get a Swivl!

AllThingsD: Hands free camera dock adds DSLR and iPad support

Engadget: Swivl announces two motion tracking docks with support for tablets and DSLR

Forbes: “..this is an exciting project for photographers to keep their eyes on.”

Cool Hunting: “…even better suited to time lapse photography and landscape video capturing.”

Venturebeat: “ users a powerful tool for use in a variety of recording applications..”

Laptop: Two new Swivls for photogs and video-conferencing

CNET: “..makes being in your own videos even easier.”

Slashgear: “..the company made some huge changes.”

VideoMaker: “..the new Swivl is a score.”

Dec 10

Posted by Mike V Chu

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Online, Off-cloud and Private: Transporter is the “It” Thing in Storage

Just on Thursday, the Stage Two team brought you news about our client, Transporter, officially launching their Kickstarter campaign. Well, four days and over 300 backers later, Transporter is already more than halfway to its campaign goal of $100k!

courtesy of Engadget

As we mentioned in the last post, we also attended GDGT at the Metreon in San Francisco that same evening. Along with the Transporter team, we met a lot of great people. It was great to let so many folks get their hands on Transporter and get their direct feedback. It was such a success to see people come away genuinely impressed with a device that keeps your data synced online, while keeping it safe and private. It looks like people are ready for a hard drive that keeps your data online, off-cloud and private.

We’re proud of the hard work the Transporter team has put in and results have followed. Their new product has already been featured in Engadget, SlashGear, Mashable and many others.

With 31 days to go and the funding goal within reach, we’re excited and downright giddy for the Transporter. Well done guys; we’ll see you at $100k and beyond!

Engadget –

Engadget (Insert Coin) –

SlashGear –

Mashable –

Mashable (via Yahoo) –

Dec 06

Posted by Mike V Chu

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Transporter is Set to Reshape the Storage Space

Can you believe it’s already December?! The Stage Two team has been hunkered down with all kinds of terrific, upcoming announcements this month, and it starts today.

Today, our client Transporter officially launched their Kickstarter campaign! Here is their live campaign page

Transporter is an online, off-cloud social storage solution to privately share, access and protect all of you valuable files. For example, if I work on this very blog post in a Word document, I can save the document on my Transporter, and then share it with the rest of the Stage Two team onto their Transporters.

Also, Transporter is completely off the cloud, so it’s totally private without requiring the user to agree to any sort of Terms and Conditions. You don’t have to hand over the rights to YOUR own content. On top that, it has a larger capacity than other cloud storage solutions, and there are no, ZERO recurring fees.

And lastly, representatives from Transporter will be at GDGT tonight at the Metreon in San Francisco! Please help us fund Transporter and check out the pledge that’s right for you!

Nov 28

Posted by Mike V Chu

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Client News-Extreme Reality Delivers the First Full-Body Motion Game for Standard Webcams Everywhere

Happy post-Thanksgiving to everyone out there! Hope you guys enjoyed the extended weekend, time with family and friends, and of course, stuffing yourselves silly. Thanksgiving is definitely tough to beat!

Thankfully (pun intended), the holiday provided a nice, and much-needed, bit of relief from all the exciting work building up at Stage Two. Yet, here we are, back in the office with more awesome news from Extreme Reality.

Extreme Reality announced today they are releasing PandaMania, the very first full-body motion capture game specifically made for a standard 2D webcam. That means no more consoles or additional hardware to buy, just your existing PC webcam and download the game off the Windows App Store – it’s that simple!

Also, the company decided to go even one step further. Extreme Reality opened up their software development kit (SDK) to game developers interested in creating their own motion-capture game.

Not only is Extreme Reality releasing a game that is the first-of-its-kind, but lending a hand to aspiring game developers and ensuring the continued growth of the gaming industry is pretty cool. That speaks volumes to the type of people Extreme Reality has, and we’re proud to represent them.

From of all of us here at Stage Two, it’s never too early to wish you all happy holidays, stay tuned for more news to come soon!

Nov 15

Posted by J-Ro

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Client news-Extreme Reality Brings Gesture Recognition to new Samsung All-In-One PCs

At Stage Two we are constantly working with awesome, early stage companies that are pushing new, up and coming technologies. But it’s even more exciting when they partner with a big tech juggernaut like …. Samsung! Today our client, Extreme Reality, announced it has teamed up with Samsung to bring its Extreme UI gesture control software to the international technology company’s Series 5 and Series 7 Windows 8 All-in-One PCs.

Get ready for the next gen of computer technology where the mouse and the touch pad will feel like things of yesteryear! There has been a lot of progress surrounding gesture control technology and Extreme Reality has been extending its market leadership over the past few weeks. In October, the company announced the addition of Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts, to their Board of Directors. Last week, they announced a technology partnership with NEC, and this week, Samsung.

The beauty of Extreme Reality’s Extreme UI software is that it can turn any standard 2D VGA camera into a 3D motion capture system. Basically, Extreme UI offers simliar functionality to Microsoft’s Kinect without any special equipment requirements or extra equipment. Soon, consumers will adapt to the entirely new experience of using gesture controls for common tasks such as changing the volume or channels in the media player to navigating an e-book, recipe, even their smartphone with a simple wave of the hand. Pretty sweet!

Look for more big announcements from Extreme Reality in the weeks leading up to CES 2013!

Silicon Angle

Nov 08

Posted by J-Ro

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Extreme Reality Rolls Out Gesture Control Technology for NEC

It’s always fast-paced, exciting and busy here at Stage Two. Even with the holidays approaching (or as we like to call the holidays… CES Prep), there’s no rest for the weary, right? Trust us, it’s a good thing!

Today our client, Extreme Reality, announced that NEC has chosen Extreme UI to power gesture controls for the company’s VALUESTAR Family of All-in-One PCs. Extreme Reality’s state-of-the-art gesture control technology gives consumers an entirely new way to interact and control their PCs. You can read all about it HERE.

The company’s Extreme UI software tracks the user’s palm and responds to hand gesture commands, providing an alternative to the standard point and click interface. This is only the beginning for Extreme Reality and its motion control technologies, stay tuned for big news to come in the next few weeks!

Oct 10

Posted by MCazem

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Extreme Reality adds Trip Hawkins to their Board of Directors

Today, Stage Two is proud to announce Silicon Valley legend, Trip Hawkins as a member of the Board of Directors for our client Extreme Reality!

The EA, 3DO and Digital Chocolate founder brings decades of knowledge and insight to the gesture control company. News Alert! Trip Hawkins will be attending the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show with Extreme Reality in Las Vegas, Nevada this January.

Extreme Reality is a leading developer of gesture control technology, dedicated to making 3D motion gaming available to a broader audience of consumers. Any consumer electronics device with a standard camera enables the software, and becomes a full-body motion controlled gaming system.

More exciting things to come for this innovative company! Check out our client in the news.


The Verge


An interview with Trip Hawkins was also featured on Venture Beat!

Nov 01

Posted by TeamS2

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Red Karaoke upgrades iPhone, iPad and Android devices into a portable karaoke machine!

Singers of the world unite! Today, our client, Red Karaoke, launched their awesome new mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, further cementing them as the international, online, karaoke kings that they are. The app turns your device into a karaoke machine with a library of over 45,000 songs. Queued music and scrolling lyrics show you what’s next while the camera allows you to easily record and share your karaoke performances. It’s pretty sweet!

Miguel walks us through Red Karaoke

Last week, we had some special guests over to the (still) new office for a sneak preview of the app with Red Karaoke’s CEO and founder, Miguel A. Diez Ferreira.

Red Karaoke's new Home Page

Fact- The word “karaoke” or “empty orchestra” comes from the Japanese word for “empty” (kara) plus the first part of the word “orchestra.” But, hooked up to the stereo via HDMI or even mirrored via AppleTV, the Red Karaoke app makes it seem like the orchestra is anything but empty.

Most everyone took a turn at singing their favorite karaoke classics including “Hotel California”, “Piano Man,” and more… Of course, the whole gang chimed in on “Piano Man.” La-di-da-di-di-da…

So if you like karaoke, go try out Red Karaoke for yourself. You won’t regret it!

The announcement was made via PR Web and the Red Karaoke Blog.

Hot off the presses-
The Next Web

Sep 20

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Client News: Automatic Video Editing Service Magisto Launches to the Public

Today, our client Magisto launched their automatic video editing to the public. Magisto’s free, web-based video editing service that automatically turns any unedited video footage into short, fun movies to share with friends and family. They also announced a $5.5 million Series B round led by Li Ka-shing’s private investment arm, Horizons Ventures that also includes original investor Magma Venture Partners, so that’s awesome!

The announced the news on their blog and via the wire this morning. You can check it out here. A bunch of press have already picked up on the news, we’ll continue to update this list throughout the day.

They were also featured on Techmeme!

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