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Oct 10

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Extreme Reality adds Trip Hawkins to their Board of Directors

Today, Stage Two is proud to announce Silicon Valley legend, Trip Hawkins as a member of the Board of Directors for our client Extreme Reality!

The EA, 3DO and Digital Chocolate founder brings decades of knowledge and insight to the gesture control company. News Alert! Trip Hawkins will be attending the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show with Extreme Reality in Las Vegas, Nevada this January.

Extreme Reality is a leading developer of gesture control technology, dedicated to making 3D motion gaming available to a broader audience of consumers. Any consumer electronics device with a standard camera enables the software, and becomes a full-body motion controlled gaming system.

More exciting things to come for this innovative company! Check out our client in the news.


The Verge


An interview with Trip Hawkins was also featured on Venture Beat!

Nov 01

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Red Karaoke upgrades iPhone, iPad and Android devices into a portable karaoke machine!

Singers of the world unite! Today, our client, Red Karaoke, launched their awesome new mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, further cementing them as the international, online, karaoke kings that they are. The app turns your device into a karaoke machine with a library of over 45,000 songs. Queued music and scrolling lyrics show you what’s next while the camera allows you to easily record and share your karaoke performances. It’s pretty sweet!

Miguel walks us through Red Karaoke

Last week, we had some special guests over to the (still) new office for a sneak preview of the app with Red Karaoke’s CEO and founder, Miguel A. Diez Ferreira.

Red Karaoke's new Home Page

Fact- The word “karaoke” or “empty orchestra” comes from the Japanese word for “empty” (kara) plus the first part of the word “orchestra.” But, hooked up to the stereo via HDMI or even mirrored via AppleTV, the Red Karaoke app makes it seem like the orchestra is anything but empty.

Most everyone took a turn at singing their favorite karaoke classics including “Hotel California”, “Piano Man,” and more… Of course, the whole gang chimed in on “Piano Man.” La-di-da-di-di-da…

So if you like karaoke, go try out Red Karaoke for yourself. You won’t regret it!

The announcement was made via PR Web and the Red Karaoke Blog.

Hot off the presses-
The Next Web

Dec 10

Posted by Jeremy Toeman and Greg Franzese

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New York Times Eliminating Social Media Editor

Poynter has a great post that spotlights the New York Times and social media.

It seems that as of 2011, the gray lady will no longer have a social media editor. Jennifer Preston who currently oversees facebook, twitter and other online networks for the Times will return to reporting on social media. But that’s a good thing.

As reporters increase their social media literacy, the need for a single job to oversee online communities for the newspaper diminishes.

Quoting from the article:

Hiring a social media editor is an important first step for newsrooms, Preston said. But she sees the social media editor as more of a temporary role than a permanent one. It becomes less necessary, she said, once more people in the newsroom start regularly using social media.

Under Preston’s tenure, reporters have leveraged social tools to find sources, gather information for breaking news and engage readers. As newsrooms embrace online tools, their social media teams will continue to evolve.