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Nov 01

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Red Karaoke upgrades iPhone, iPad and Android devices into a portable karaoke machine!

Singers of the world unite! Today, our client, Red Karaoke, launched their awesome new mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, further cementing them as the international, online, karaoke kings that they are. The app turns your device into a karaoke machine with a library of over 45,000 songs. Queued music and scrolling lyrics show you what’s next while the camera allows you to easily record and share your karaoke performances. It’s pretty sweet!

Miguel walks us through Red Karaoke

Last week, we had some special guests over to the (still) new office for a sneak preview of the app with Red Karaoke’s CEO and founder, Miguel A. Diez Ferreira.

Red Karaoke's new Home Page

Fact- The word “karaoke” or “empty orchestra” comes from the Japanese word for “empty” (kara) plus the first part of the word “orchestra.” But, hooked up to the stereo via HDMI or even mirrored via AppleTV, the Red Karaoke app makes it seem like the orchestra is anything but empty.

Most everyone took a turn at singing their favorite karaoke classics including “Hotel California”, “Piano Man,” and more… Of course, the whole gang chimed in on “Piano Man.” La-di-da-di-di-da…

So if you like karaoke, go try out Red Karaoke for yourself. You won’t regret it!

The announcement was made via PR Web and the Red Karaoke Blog.

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Jul 07

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Waze Helps Drivers Band Together To Fight Carmageddon

If you have ever lived in or even visited smoggy Los Angeles, you know how terrible the unpredictable 405 freeway can be.  The intersection of the 405 and the 10 has been called the worst traffic jam in North America – and with good reason. Driving there is awful. And as if this six lane parking lot couldn’t get any worse, they are actually shutting down the entire freaking freeway. For a whole weekend. Welcome to Carmageddon.

Never fear, though. Stage Two client Waze has a solution, and a website – Waze is a community of drivers banding together with a single purpose: eliminating traffic. The traffic and navigation application uses real time data from drivers on the road to help people fight, avoid and extinguish traffic. The company recently announced a partnership with ABC News in Los Angeles to help local drivers fight the impending Auto-pocalypse. That is the kind of innovation we can all applaud.

When the 405 shuts down later this month, traffic in Los Angeles will be a nightmare. With Waze, Angelinos can have a fighting chance of getting through it together.

Waze recently doubled the number of drivers using the app and has been written up in a number of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Other press picking up the Waze news include:

Media Bistro

Fast Company

Digital Journal





Mar 22

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10 Rules for Connected TV App Development

We recently ran across the following presentation that covers “10 Rules for Connected TV App Development.

Javier Lasa’s deck inspired us to post our own 10 rules for building Smart TV Apps (we will get it done by the end of next week). For more good reading, check out Stage Two’s ten essential tips for making a great Google TV site, and ten commandments for building an amazing Boxee Box App.

Mar 11

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Grouped{in} Launches Group Messaging App – Brings Tacos To SXSW

Are you interested in keeping up with the latest news and happenings from SXSW? Do you love delicious tacos, Rube Goldberg machines and dunk tanks? Then read on, friends.

Stage Two client Grouped{in} is bringing their recently launched mobile group messaging app to SXSW in Austin, Texas, along with a boatload of fun events and activities. There will be live updates from KXAN weather man Jim Spencer, an outdoor activity group with RunTex- did we mention that there will be tacos? There will be tacos.

Grouped{in} is the only group messaging app that allows you to simply communicate across multiple channels – including Facebook, email, phone, SMS and Twitter.

A full itinerary is available here. If you want to meet up with the Grouped{in} gang in Austin (or anytime, really) email

Feb 21

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Android Market Grew 861% But App Store Grew ONE BILLION DOLLARS. FTW.

Phandroid is reporting that the Google Android Market grew 861% last year – and calls that feat “remarkable.”

A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars.

While it is true that Google Android Market moved from $11 million in revenue in 2009 to $102 million in 2010, the real story is Apple’s growth in the mobile application space. Quoting from Know Your Mobile:

It will come as no surprise to hear Apple dominates the world of apps, not just in terms of support but also in revenue. $1.7 billion dollars were generated in 2010, and the App Store now accounts for 82.7 per cent of the market.

While Apple technically lost market share in 2010, it also increased sales by a billion dollars. Apple’s dominant market position is one of the reasons the company is implementing a new subscription fee structure for applications (and angering some mobile app developers in the process).

As I wrote in 2009, clumsy usability and a “free” app culture hinder any sustained growth for Android applications.

With the fracturing of Android as a platform, not all apps are even guaranteed to run on a given phone! It’s as if the entire experience was “in beta”, only nobody’s overseeing the process.

Android will likely continue to grow in the coming year as the platform matures. But that growth must be observed in light of Apple’s strong presence in the mobile application field.

Feb 01

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26% of Mobile Apps Used Only Once in 2010

Localytics is reporting some startling numbers: in 2010, 26% of all mobile applications were used only one time. This stat shows that first impressions matter and users will quickly abandon applications that do not immediately meet their expectations. It also points to the need of looking at engagement – and not just downloads – when measuring success.

Tracking downloads is often a first step to gauging an app’s success, but download stats often provide an incomplete and inflated view. High download numbers always feel great, but if those customers never open the app or abandon it after just a few uses, those high download numbers are really part of a high churn rate.

Mobile Application developers should keep these numbers in mind as they strive to create user interfaces that are pleasing, stable and useful.