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Sep 16

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Client News: Pogoplug partners with Seagate to power the FreeAgent DockStar


Since their launch on the noisy showfloor of CES this year, Cloud Engines is known for being a different kind of company.  Despite being one of the few hardware start-ups out there, Pogoplug has always looked for ways to shake things up in the way they do business.  True to form, today the firm announced a partnership with Seagate that uses Pogoplug’s award-winning service to power their new network adapter, the FreeAgent DockStar.  This product brings Seagate DockStar owners the cloud-like functionality and simple sharing that has gained Pogoplug widespread acclaim from industry press and analysts alike.  With plans to continue marketing itself as both a device and a service, we want to say Congratulations to Cloud Engines for breaking the mold once again.

Pogoplug also introduced several impressive new social features today that make sharing on social networks easier and more fun.  Pogoplug now publishes shares to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, letting friends and followers see shared folders without long download times or size limitations.  With RSS and email sharing as existing option for sharing, these additional sharing options give users a customizable experience for sharing their memories with friends and family. Below are some of the blog posts and coverage from these announcements:

Aug 28

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Why you should vote for the S2 Panel at SxSW

Seems like the dust has just settled from SxSW and already it’s time to start picking panels again for 2010.  In the Interactive category, there are 2,211 submissions to choose from and while we’re sure those other guys have something cool to share, here’s why you should vote for our panel, Social Media + Real Time Web > The Sum of Its Parts.

1.  More Experts, More Expertise:

Where most panels at SxSW will have one or two experts, we think a broad cross-section of experience is more valuable (and more fun), so we’re bringing six CEOs.  There’s no shortage of talent in the S2 client pool, so we’ve selected five S2 entrepreneurs to discuss proven strategies for rising above industry noise while our own Jeremy Toeman moderates the discussion.

2. Diversity of Content:
With seasoned experts in all walks of consumer tech, from the web to devices, this panel represents the best conglomerate of technology experts out there.  We’ve got boxee and Redux to talk about the best platforms for engaging with digital entertainment real-time.  Want to see how a device can add real-time, social functionality to your storage?  Pogoplug can answer that question.  We’ll also look at real-time content creation with 12seconds and how to manage the surge of social content on Facebook with

Through the lenses of real-time web and social media, we’ll discuss how these leaders build and revamp their products, engage with their user communities and solve complex issues to make their technology stand out as more than the simple sum of its parts.  Get insights into their core product choices and how the market climate weighed into them.  Find out what trends they are seeing and how to partner with community enthusiasts to make leverage these.  Ask them about their challenges and strategies…or anything else you want.

Our panel will be moderated by the founder of Stage Two Consulting, Jeremy Toeman.  Jeremy was using social media before the term was even coined, pioneering one of the first web communities around the Slingbox.  He’s been in the trenches for the past 10 years and has his fingers on the pulse of the tech market.  Having recently launched @trivia, a Twitter-based trivia game that connects brands with the prolific Twitter community, Jeremy’s a proven expert on using social media and real time web to market within the digital sphere.

Speaking on the panel, we’ll have representatives from, Pogoplug, Redux, and  Here’s a little about each of these speakers:

- Avner Ronen is the CEO of, the company that’s been giving cable companies a run for their money since they brought their social entertainment center to the television.

- Daniel Putterman is the CEO of Pogoplug, the award-winning device that lets users access and share files from their home external hard drive.  The Pogoplug has been praised as the simplest way to free your inner drive, bringing cloud-like functionality to storage people already own.


-David Macintosh is the CEO and co-founder of Redux, your entertainment guide to the web.  Redux is a new social media service that helps people find online entertainment recommended by people who are into the same stuff that they are – all in real-time.


- Sol Lipman is the co-founder of and avid chicken enthusiast.  He’s built the best way to share short videos from the web or mobile devices.


- Gil Hirsch is the CEO of, the best in class facial recognition software that is not only highly accurate, but also works efficiently at web-scale. Since launching their Facebook app in March, has successfully recognized and auto-tagged over 1.5 billion photos

To vote for us in the SxSW Panel Picker, click this link and give us a thumbs up.  To catch these companies and more Stage Two entrepreneurs at other events, follow S2 on Twitter for real-time updates as the year progresses.  Otherwise, we’ll see you in Austin.

Jul 29

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Client News: VUDU Teams up with LG to Stream HD Movies Directly to Your TV.

It’s fairly apparent to us that the era of physical media for delivering content is nearing its end, with the Internet replacing the need for tapes, disks, cartridges, and virtually anything else. VUDU first hit the scene with a custom “Internet set-top box” a couple of years ago, and made amazing progress building the world’s largest library of HD movies available for streaming on demand. The company is now thinking, wait for it, “outside the box” (sorry, we couldn’t resist) and is embedding their service directly into next-generation TVs.

Today VUDU- the best possible service for streaming HD movies- is in New York showcasing their new service alongside their first TV partner: LG. This alliance means VUDU is now embedded on all broadband HDTVs from LG. No more box, no more wires, no new things to plug in. Just a really smart high definition television set that has it’s own “virtual video store” inside.

Some of the key features:
* Users can rent or purchase movies in full 1080p resolution with Dolby 5.1 surround sound (both are unique to the VUDU platform)
* An elegant, super-responsive UI that’s extremely easy to use, with built-in movie discovery features
* Virtually no buffering (typically about 3 seconds or less) means movies that start playing instantly or long wait times for downloading (yes, even in high def!).
* There are no monthly fees for the service


Jun 22

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Unbearable anticipation finally ends: boxee to reveal winners of app dev challenge

Busy tomorrow? You are now. boxee is announcing the winners of its app developer’s challenge at a bangin’ event at the Mezzanine in San Francisco. With doors opening at 6pm, the event will be hosted by glam gamer and all around tech-guru Veronica Belmont. The judges for the dev challenge include Veronica Belmont, Chris Pirillo, Cali Lewis, Ryan Block, and Avner Ronen. A 46″ Sony Bravia XBR9 will be awarded to the lucky Judge’s Choice Award winners for each of the three categories (video, music, photos). The competing devs for each category also have the chance to win the People’s Choice Award, which consists of a Drobo and 4TB of storage from Seagate. Voting is open until a minute before midnight tonight, so go to the boxee blog to get your votes in!

Want more? boxee also has huge announcements to share about the Windows launch, new partnerships (we can’t say with who, but trust us… it’ll knock you out), and the long-awaited boxee beta version.

If you’ve tried your hardest and still can’t make it to this boxee event, fear not! There will be a live stream of the entire evening thanks to

Remember to RSVP here and we’ll see you at the Mezzanine!

Jun 01

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Now Recruiting A Few Good Interns

Now that we’ve moved into a new office, we’re looking for a few amazing “interns” to support our team this summer.   We need project acrobats who are wise in the ways of the force, college students with fresh ideas and crazy stamina who are ready to put their communications courses to work in a real environment.  In short, we want people who are willing to do almost anything and learn the the ins and outs of influencer marketing and media relations.

This is a fun industry where no two days are the same, so you’ll have the chance to get your hands in different types of projects and master a LOT quickly.  Our team is dynamic, young and fiercely competitive (you’ll see that in office Fooseball or Left 4 Dead matches), but we know how to enjoy ourselves while getting a lot accomplished.

Each intern will support two account executives on anywhere from 2 to 6 accounts, but should be flexible enough to adapt to new projects as needed.  This internship is unpaid, so we highly encourage students to apply and coordinate with their college for course credit.


  • Able to work within dynamic start-up environment
  • Fast learner and self-starting with impeccable organizational skills
  • Extremely strong communications skills, especially written
  • Strong academic standing
  • Good understanding of consumer technology (video, mobile, etc) with a genuine interest in new trends in tech, media, and culture
  • Good understanding of new media, including bloggers and social networks (e.g. you ARE the Twittersphere)
  • Confident and articulate, yet brilliantly creative
  • Brownie points to gamers, bloggers, torrentfreaks, pop culture geeks (extra bonus points if you can source the quote: “her?”)
  • Work hard, play ball, listen, and learn
  • Be professional, all the time
  • The rest will be determined and crafted around the individual

Our office is in North Beach, close to several MUNI stops, great restaurants/bars, and fine entertainment establishments.

If you’re interested, e-mail us:

  1. a resume
  2. a short bio
  3. why you think this is a good fit for you
  4. your favorite blog? Be honest – we don’t mind that you check out Perez or, but we hope it’s not all you read!

Any emails without all 4 of the above will be ignored, and probably marked as spam.  Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you.

May 20

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Client News: Pogoplug Makes Easy Even Easier

Since Pogoplug has been in the public eye, reviewers and customers have said how easy it is to access your external hard drive through the web.  In fact, reviewers like USA Today’s Ed Baig and Andy Ihnatko at the Chicago Sun-Times commented that the hardest part of setting up Pogoplug is typing in the 26 character ID code during registration.  For what this little box does, that is amazing.

But today, Pogoplug is announcing new updates that make this simple product even better, faster, stronger (do it!).  They’ve added Search capability to their iPhone and web applications and sharing is now faster and more personalized.  They’ve also included support for a plethora of new operating systems for their drive app.  And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

This Friday, Pogoplug pushes out 3 additional updates!  To complement their search function, they’ll add a sort feature that lets users sort by name, size or file type in both ascending and descending order.  They’re also tacking their number one complaint (that cumbersome ID code) by adding an auto-discovery feature that automatically finds the Pogoplug ID code during registeration.  And for all of the Boxee fans, Pogoplug’s new Media RSS feeds can be used as a media source to access media on your home hard drive can be accessed through the Boxee interface.

For current Pogoplug users, these updates will take place automatically (in fact, some already have).  New users will get their Pogoplug updates as a part of the regsitration process.  And all updates are free, just like their service.  Not bad, Pogoplug!

May 12

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Pogoplug's Strategy for Responsible Business

The instability of the economy has created a lot of fear when it comes to business.  People’s budgets are tighter than ever, so when considering purchasing the newest gadgets on the market, new questions are being asked of our tech startups.  When they first launched, Pogoplug was greeted with some tough queries that were a challenge to answer.  Many reporters and customers asked, “What happens if Pogoplug goes out of business?”  While most big companies point to their track record and funding to quell those fears, Pogoplug decided to go along with their innovative instincts and create a brand new solution.

Today, Pogoplug has put their source code in an Escrow account and in the event of their bankruptcy, the code will be published on SourceForge.  This strategy leaves the community stakeholders in charge, so that programmers, companies and community organizations can have complete access to rebuild and maintain the necessary servers to keep Pogoplugs working.

Pogoplug made this announcement through a post on their blog, which you can read here. A few members of the press and blogger community have picked up the story.  Here’s what they have to say:






Apr 23

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Client News: Pogoplug named PC Mag's Editors' Choice

With their first wave of reviews out of the gate, Pogoplug has been getting some great attention from the press. Today, we got word that PC Mag not only wrote up a review of Pogoplug, but gave them their Editors’ Choice Award.  Congratulations Pogoplug for a job well done!  You can check out the whole article here or here’s our favorite part:

The Pogoplug makes setup a breeze, and using the device couldn’t be easier. Beyond that, the open API may well result in useful functionality extensions. This clever unit is well worth its $99 price tag (though I suspect that considerably more units of it would be sold if CloudEngines can get the price down a bit). The Pogoplug is a great start for CloudEngine, and it’s worthy of our Editors’ Choice award.”

-Mario Morejon, PC Magazine

Apr 06

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Client News: Long Awaited Pogoplugs Have Shipped

Since their award-winning launch at CES, thousands of people have been dying to get their hands on a Pogoplug, a small device that allows you to access your external hard drive from anywhere.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Pogoplug is shipping and all pre-orders will ship by this time next week.  Pogoplug is a small device that allows you to access your hard drive through the web, with setup so simple it’s easily quicker than warming up a microwave dinner.  Since CES, they’ve developed new features, better sharing and included RSS feeds in their updated software, so we’re excited to see the response from the first wave of proud Pogoplug owners.

The first few reviews have also popped up on the web – you can check out their thoughts here:

-USA Today





-Popular Science



Nov 13

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Client News: Vanno Marries Social Media and Public Opinion

So today’s the day we open up Vanno to the world- and not a moment too soon.  With prolific layoffs and unemployment, there couldn’t be a better time for a site where people can express their dissatisfaction and businesses can defend themselves.

Vanno’s network provides a place where all stakeholders – employees, investors, businessmen, reporters, advocates, citizens- can make their voices heard.  Submit articles from your favorite sustainability blog or write your own anecdotes about the charitable contributions you witnessed from a local business.  Or, use Vanno’s reputation index as a research tool to buy a car from a company that shares your values.

For social media that means something (not to say we don’t flip for a great tweet), we’re glad to see that Vanno is using technology to influence cultural change.  As Nick DiGiacomo- Vanno’s co-founder- once told us, “For better or worse, we live in a corporate world.  We decided to create a place for civil dialogue between all the stake-holders.”  Congratulations Vanno!  We’re excited to see where the world goes with this.

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