To survive in this new space you must do more than communicate to customers, you must participate with them. You must have a representative actively engaging your customers, otherwise they will hold the conversation without you (hint: they already are).

Today, informational democracy is the institution of the day. Its leaders: anyone with an Internet connection empowered by the tools made available in the space of New Media. All out there, right now–in chat rooms, commenting on blogs, twittering away. Either trashing a product or service, reading on someone’s blog about a better one, or posting evangelical praise and recruiting believers on their Facebook pages. In the 90’s the Internet gave you a new means of reaching out to the world. Today, that world is reaching back–are you ready for them?

Our methodology for accomplishing this: expand the concept of PR to fully include product marketing as an outsourced service. We believe this begins with product design (yes we do this, we’ve even won awards for it) continues through messaging and positioning strategy, and extends into public, new media, and blogger relations. We help build the product, create a voice, and manage the brand’s reputation. This new methodology means a new kind of media relations company.

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