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Nov 09

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Meet Swivl: The mobile video tool to track your every move

Just over eight months ago, Satarii kicked off a successful campaign on IndieGoGo focused on building a new video tool concept that holds your mobile video camera or device, and captures your moves as it follows you in every direction. Today they introduced an updated industrial design, new name and opened reservations to the community. We’re pleased to introduce you to Swivl!

Before you dig into details, check out this video. It is so cool! We can’t wait to get one in the office:

Swivl by Satarii from Satarii on Vimeo.

We’re happy to welcome Swivl to the Stage Two family and honored to support them in their online debut. It’s always exciting to work with companies from their public debut through launch and we expect Swivl to be nothing short of a thrilling ride!

Swivl caught some publicity this morning, take a look and check back for more later today:

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Nov 02

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Sphero Rolls Open Official Pre-Orders to the Community

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Sphero opened up the official Pre-Orders to consumers, confirming they will begin shipping this December. Not only can you buy directly from, you will be able to purchase through Amazon later this week too! While you’re visiting, check out the shiny new digs with their completely overhauled site: new images, new videos, new look and all the latest games.

A New Way To Play from GoSphero on Vimeo.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Sphero since their very first debut at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, which in the agency world is a rare treat to work with a product from start to finish. Now we’re in the home stretch with the Sphero team preparing for the big launch before the end of the year.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter @GoSphero and on Facebook for all the latest updates.

We made a little bit of noise in the blogoSphero (couldn’t help myself!) read articles below:
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Nov 01

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Red Karaoke upgrades iPhone, iPad and Android devices into a portable karaoke machine!

Singers of the world unite! Today, our client, Red Karaoke, launched their awesome new mobile application for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, further cementing them as the international, online, karaoke kings that they are. The app turns your device into a karaoke machine with a library of over 45,000 songs. Queued music and scrolling lyrics show you what’s next while the camera allows you to easily record and share your karaoke performances. It’s pretty sweet!

Miguel walks us through Red Karaoke

Last week, we had some special guests over to the (still) new office for a sneak preview of the app with Red Karaoke’s CEO and founder, Miguel A. Diez Ferreira.

Red Karaoke's new Home Page

Fact- The word “karaoke” or “empty orchestra” comes from the Japanese word for “empty” (kara) plus the first part of the word “orchestra.” But, hooked up to the stereo via HDMI or even mirrored via AppleTV, the Red Karaoke app makes it seem like the orchestra is anything but empty.

Most everyone took a turn at singing their favorite karaoke classics including “Hotel California”, “Piano Man,” and more… Of course, the whole gang chimed in on “Piano Man.” La-di-da-di-di-da…

So if you like karaoke, go try out Red Karaoke for yourself. You won’t regret it!

The announcement was made via PR Web and the Red Karaoke Blog.

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