Jun 29

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Client News: MediaMall Brings the DVR to Online Video with the PlayLater Beta

Today, one of our clients, Media Mall Technologies, the creator of wireless streaming service PlayOn, announced the closed beta for PlayLater, the DVR for online video. PlayLater let’s you record and watch almost any video content available online, even when you’re offline.

PlayLater is great for people who travel, commuters, or anyone who’s not connected to the Internet all the time. It brings all the functionality of a standard DVR to online video—tell PlayLater what shows to record and PlayLater will record them so you can watch when it’s convenient for you.

They announced via their blog this morning, which you can read here. Press are already picking up on how game changing PlayLater is, we’ll keep the list going as more coverage comes in throughout the day.

And they’re on Techmeme too!

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