Jul 21

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Client News: launching a new app today!

Today announces their second facial recognition app for Facebook.  The new app, Photo Tagger, scans through albums of photos and suggests tags for faces that it identifies – the end result is that you tag an entire album of photos in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

In March Face launched their first Facebook app, Photo Finder.  Since it launched Photo Finder has scanned more than 1.5 billion (with a B) photos, and identified more than 2.3 million faces.

Photo Tagger (the new app) and Photo Finder (the first app) are both in private alpha, but it doesn’t take too long do get in and check out the alpha.  If you’re wanting to check out the Photo Tagger right away, some searching on the Internet may help you find some invites.  A few different publications are giving out invites to test out the app.

Below is a list of the coverage the announcement is getting.  Several of these outlets have invites available.  We will update the list as new coverage comes in.

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