Jun 30

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Former Boxee Contest Winner Joins Stage Two

Hi everyone! I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the Stage Two team for the summer. Some of you may remember me from the lively competition boxee put on for us alpha users in January. Four winners – Jeremy, Nate, “Pox”, and I – were sent to Las Vegas to promote boxee at the CEA i-Stage booth at the 2009 International CES.  After spending time with Stage Two and pitching boxee for four straight days, I realized that consumer tech marketing combines my passion for new technology with my creative skills into the perfect marriage. Not long after recovering from CES, Andrew called me up to offer me a summer position at Stage Two. Needless to say, I packed up Drake and Esteban (my Macbook Air and iMac, respectively), and moved to San Francisco earlier this June.

So here I am now, an act in the circus, juggling classes at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and work at Stage Two; luckily for me, I’ll be constantly learning valuable lessons from two environments that I love. I can’t wait to get hands-on with boxee again, and I must admit that the opportunity to work with Veronica Belmont and Cali Lewis – two women I have always admired – at last week’s boxee event made my inner fangirl squeal.  But what really excites me is directly contributing behind the scenes to companies that I already love as a consumer, like Pogoplug and As for boxee, I’m re-entering their world at an amazing stage of their growth!

If I’ve learned anything throughout my education and my short time in the business world, it’s that if you’re offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then take it! It was a bold move to leave Los Angeles and plant myself in the Bay Area, but after just two weeks, it’s already been well worth it.

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