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May 28

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Client News: 12seconds adds new levels of Twitter integration Logo made a big announcement today.   Twitter account holders can now register for a 12seconds account using just their Twitter credentials.  Their Twitter username and password will let them login to 12seconds and start posting and sharing videos. This is only a couple of weeks following 12seconds integration of Facebook connect.  In addition, @ messages and DMs will now appear in your 12seconds feed, making it easier to carry on your conversations with text or video.

12seconds iPhone App
12seconds is well poised to be the video status platform – it’s the easiest way to share short videos. With the new iPhone coming out soon (with video capability) people will want a good way to share short videos between iPhones, and across Facebook, Twitter, and other services.  12seconds is the perfect tool for this.

As always with 12seconds, we opted for a blog post rather than a traditional press release.  Nothing about 12seconds is traditional. :)    The news coverage of the announcement is below, and we will update as stories appear.

May 20

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Client News: Pogoplug Makes Easy Even Easier

Since Pogoplug has been in the public eye, reviewers and customers have said how easy it is to access your external hard drive through the web.  In fact, reviewers like USA Today’s Ed Baig and Andy Ihnatko at the Chicago Sun-Times commented that the hardest part of setting up Pogoplug is typing in the 26 character ID code during registration.  For what this little box does, that is amazing.

But today, Pogoplug is announcing new updates that make this simple product even better, faster, stronger (do it!).  They’ve added Search capability to their iPhone and web applications and sharing is now faster and more personalized.  They’ve also included support for a plethora of new operating systems for their drive app.  And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

This Friday, Pogoplug pushes out 3 additional updates!  To complement their search function, they’ll add a sort feature that lets users sort by name, size or file type in both ascending and descending order.  They’re also tacking their number one complaint (that cumbersome ID code) by adding an auto-discovery feature that automatically finds the Pogoplug ID code during registeration.  And for all of the Boxee fans, Pogoplug’s new Media RSS feeds can be used as a media source to access media on your home hard drive can be accessed through the Boxee interface.

For current Pogoplug users, these updates will take place automatically (in fact, some already have).  New users will get their Pogoplug updates as a part of the regsitration process.  And all updates are free, just like their service.  Not bad, Pogoplug!

May 19

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TuneUp Now Available For Apple Retail Customers

We’ve called TuneUp the ‘must-have’ plug-in for iTunes for a while now… turns out others agree. As of this morning TuneUp’s iTunes plugin to quickly correct missing song info, find cover art, list upcoming concerts, and present web content relevant to any playing track (wow that’s a mouthful), is available at Apple Retail Stores and at As a DJ myself, the software has been a godsend for organizing my huge music collection. Additionally I’ve loved the fact that cover flow is now practical on my iPhone.

Today, over 250 Apple stores will start selling a retail-packaged version of TuneUp for $29.95. Additionally, both the retail and online versions of TuneUp now include numerous user interface enhancements and feature
improvements as we mentioned last week.

And if Apple selling TuneUp doesn’t convince you it works – listen to this… since launching the product in the summer of 2008, TuneUp has amassed over 200,000 registered users in over 150 countries, and cleaned more than 125 million songs. Stats like these enabled TuneUp to become the #1 most downloaded iTunes software from CNET’s popular site,

So what are you waiting for – go to your nearest Apple store and get your copy (or start downloading now at TuneUp Media).

May 15

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Client news: TuneUp Gets a Makeover

TuneUp user interfaceTuneUp Media is the maker of the TuneUp Companion for iTunes.  What is it?  Only the most essential add-on to your digital music collection ever.  It “automagically” cleans up all the messed up metadata and cover art in your library.  That’s right – no more weird question-mark symbols in cover flow, no more “Track 01s” from “Unknown Artists” and no more dual (or triple or worse) entries for “The Beatles” and “Beatles, The”.  TuneUp does other wonderful things to your iTunes experience as well, but we’ll let you go explore to see it in action (you can get started for free!).

The company announced today they have a brand new fresh look and feel to the software that complements iTunes.  For existing users, no new download is necessary, the upgrade will happen automatically.

May 14

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Client News: Big numbers in's first 30 Days

Last month launched Photo Finder, a facial recognition app for Facebook.  Today they’re issuing a “30 Days Out” announcement which includes some pretty amazing / “holy moly” stats in terms of the number of photos scanned and the number of faces identified – and that’s given only a few thousand users in Alpha!  The big deal about is being able to discover photos of yourself or your friends that you might have never even known about.  The app launched last month, and in their first 30 days, with only a few thousand initial users, scanned more than 400 million photos, and identified / tagged more than 700,000 faces!

Given the magnitude of Facebook’s photo storage (15 billion photos), the buzz around facial recognition (Apple, Google Picasa, etc.), and the incredible technology they’ve built, we think is going to do some amazing things.  They’ve already off to a good start (400 million photos…)

As they’ve done in the past, is issuing their news via blog post (linked above.)  Several publications have written about the news, we’ll keep a running list below, and update throughout the day.

May 12

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Pogoplug's Strategy for Responsible Business

The instability of the economy has created a lot of fear when it comes to business.  People’s budgets are tighter than ever, so when considering purchasing the newest gadgets on the market, new questions are being asked of our tech startups.  When they first launched, Pogoplug was greeted with some tough queries that were a challenge to answer.  Many reporters and customers asked, “What happens if Pogoplug goes out of business?”  While most big companies point to their track record and funding to quell those fears, Pogoplug decided to go along with their innovative instincts and create a brand new solution.

Today, Pogoplug has put their source code in an Escrow account and in the event of their bankruptcy, the code will be published on SourceForge.  This strategy leaves the community stakeholders in charge, so that programmers, companies and community organizations can have complete access to rebuild and maintain the necessary servers to keep Pogoplugs working.

Pogoplug made this announcement through a post on their blog, which you can read here. A few members of the press and blogger community have picked up the story.  Here’s what they have to say: