Apr 15

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Client Update: Spleak Lands Hearst Deal

While the primary goal of our blog is to talk about marketing, social media, public relations, strategies, outreach, etc, we’ve decided it’s also a good way to give updates when our clients have interesting news to share. This is one of those times.

Spleak is one of our new and interesting clients. They’ve created a new kind of content delivery platform that enables highly interactive and engaging communication and publishing, combining user generated content (UGC) with mainstream media content across instant messaging, social networking, texting, and web-based widgets. Their first product is called CelebSpleak, you can check it out here. Today they announced a strategic partnership with Hearst Digital Media, owners of Seventeen, CosmoGirl, Teen Magazine, and the eSpin network (you can see the press release here).

What’s interesting here is that Spleak has created this cool network that reaches into places that content publishers have a hard time accessing. Hearst has great publications and high quality content, and this partnership with Spleak makes it easy for them to feed that content into AIM, Facebook, MySpace, MSN Messenger, and via SMS. This partnership represents a cool merging of old school publishing with new school technology. And it further serves to prove Spleak’s model of hybrid publishing, where they combine the best of UGC with high quality, professional content.

For some insight about our outreach strategy, we decided rather than to blast out a release to hundreds/thousands of writers, we instead chose to approach a select list of press, bloggers, and technology/media influencers who we felt would be most interested in the story. Some were technology blogs, others were personal “influencer” blogs. We also contacted folks in the media and magazine publishing space – many of them were interested in what this hybrid publishing model means for the future of web and print publishing. Finally, we contacted several newspapers, including some owned by Hearst itself.

Coverage so far this morning includes Kristen Nicole at Mashable, Joanna Pettas from FOLIO, and Ellen Lee at the San Francisco Chronicle wrote on SF Gate. We’ll add to the list as more articles appear over the course of the day.

Throughout the day more stories have continued to pop up across the blogosphere.  Anastasia Goodstein at Ypulse mentioned the Spleak / Hearst partnership in her Tuesday April 15th Essentials.  Dave Cohn wrote a great post on his blog DigiDave about Shifts in Journalism, and highlighted Spleak’s partnership as a great example of that shifting.  And Kira Bindrim at Crain’s New York featured Spleak’s announcement in a summary piece about several new items of social media news.  Keep ‘em coming!


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