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Oct 30

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Client News: 12seconds partnering with Current and Flixwagon for the Presidential Election

More client news today. is partnering with Current TV to provide a video feed of updates, opinions, exit polls and more to Current TV’s website and television broadcasts.  They’re also teaming with Flixwagon to post the first twelve seconds of a Flixwagon stream onto 12seconds, and then onto Current.  For this announcement we chose to issue a press release, the first one 12seconds has ever issued.  Previously 12seconds has announced their news through blog posts.  Both media work well, but sometimes issuing news by putting it on the wire increases visibility and gets the word out to a slightly wider audience, which in this case seemed to make sense.

So far a number of outlets have covered the news.  We’ll update the list of coverage throughout the day.  Keep up the great work 12ers!.

Coverage today:

Here’s a video from 12seconds user BatEatsBat that’s representative of the kind of opinion-related Election Day coverage we’ll see on Current:

Current/12 Election Challenge: Do you really think your vote counts? Tell us why/why not. on

Oct 28

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Client News: DeviceVM Signs with Lenovo, yet another Tier 1 OEM

DeviceVM, makers of the award winning Splashtop™ instant-on software issued a press release today announcing a partnership with Lenovo and a new Splshtop-enabled computer, the Lenovo S10e netbook.  We’ve thought for a long time that Splashtop makes perfect sense on a netbook.  The whole idea behind Splashtop is to get you on the Internet as fast as humanly possible.  Netbooks are lightweight, low-powered computers designed mainly for use on the Web (hence the name: netbook.)  Hand and glove.  It’s meant to be.

The press release went out this morning, and there’s been lots of great coverage so far.  We’ll continue to update this list throughout the day.

The new Splashtop UI, customized for Lenovo (“QuickStart”)

Oct 27

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Client News: Vanno uses Social Media to Change the World

We’ve all spent enough time on Facebook, Twitter and Digg to know how entertaining social media and news is, but when you peel yourself away from you laptop and close out the chat windows, have you really done anything positive for the world at large? Nope. (though you may have gotten a few LOLs in there).

Enter Vanno. Vanno has created a platform for you to share your own personal experiences as well as articles you find online, whether from StumbleUpon or Huff Po, Newsweek or Consumerist, with people that care about companies and the effect they have on our society. Vanno forms The Company Reputation Index from stories and votes received, generating reputations scores that you can use as a research tool.

Vanno teamed up with several publications today to offer a sneak peek into their private beta. Each publication is inviting 500 of their readers to become Vanno beta members and influence the reputations of thousands of companies. With so much buzz around not only social and environmental responsibility, but customer and employee satisfaction, Vanno is the perfect place for people to share their insights and become a catalyst for change.

To get a beta invite, visit:

If you’re not invited through one of these publications, check back soon. Vanno will open up to the general public when they officially launch in November.

Oct 21

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Client News: boxee wins CEA i-Stage Competition

Congratulations to Avner, Dave, Gidon, Tom and the rest of team boxee for winning CEA’s i-Stage event yesterday afternoon. boxee’s unique social media center was voted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and judges Ryan Block (gdgt), Molly Wood (Cnet), Jeff Pulver (VOIP/Online TV pioneer), and Kevin Kelly (Wired) as America’s Next Top Gadget (err, software?).

boxee beat out hundreds of other companies to become one of 14 finalists, then went on to win the competition yesterday and will receive a turnkey exhibit booth at CES along with a check for $50,000. They’ve got an amazing team of engineers that continue to push the limits of what media center software should do – making it easy for anyone to organize, enjoy, and explore their media in new ways, including socially!.

See the official announcement from the CEA here, footage from CNET, a video interview from local Vegas news here, and make sure to follow boxee’s blog as there are many more innovations to come.